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Typehouse Issue 16



Fiction by:
Annette Freeman, Audrey Kalman, Joshua Armstrong, A. Elliot, Mike Nees, Jim Powell, Eric Joseph Scholz, K.B. Carle, Evan James Sheldon and Ian Stoner.

Nonfiction by:
Elsa Williams.

Poetry by:
Anum Sattar, Alejandro Pérez, Meggie Royer, Keith Welch, Derek Otsuji, Laura Grace Weldon, Cathryn Shea, Stephanie Staab, Amanda Moore and Jory Mickelson.

Artwork by:
Bill Wolak, Jennie MacDonald, Federico Federici, Janice Roh and Peter MacQuarrie.

Weight .69 lbs
Dimensions 9 × .3 × 6 in