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Typehouse Issue 27 Cover

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Message from Typehouse’s EIC, Val

Greetings submitters, contributors, and readers. This is a quick update on the status of Typehouse, as there has been little activity here for a few months, and emails and responses and such are behind. Because we have been mostly inactive for most of the year we lost our financing income flow, which mean we have to build it back up. Because we don’t want to do the issues half-assed, we are pushing issue 28 to May of 2024. That will help us get back onto our feet to do it properly. We are also pausing some of the plans we were doing to expand until the core, Typehouse Magazine itself, is back on stable ground. There are emails and responses I owe, but I am working on getting everything caught up, and our new guidelines and open periods will be up on the submissions page shortly. I love Typehouse though, it will be 10 years in January! and I don’t want to let it fade away. We are now putting structures into place to get it going again.

Owed emails will go out shortly, almost all outstanding submissions have been responded to with the rest very soon, and guidelines up soon. We will reopen to almost all submissions shortly

Thank you for everyone’s patience with Typehouse, and me as we work to come back, and your support and the good things you say about Typehouse makes it worthwhile for me and the rest of Typehouse’s editors.

We are still looking for new editors!

Positions Open through Issue 28, May 2024.

* Prose and Poetry Feedback Editors *
* Prose Regular Editors *

Regular Submission Editors

Read submissions as they come in, starting with the oldest, and vote “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe” on ten submissions a week, along with voting on “Maybe” submissions.

Feedback Editors

Editors will be expected to provide feedback on three submissions a week, as well as weigh in on “Maybe” submissions, and help with regular submissions as needed. We ask you have experience with writing feedback , and we will ask for test sample feedback. EIC will work with new editors to help them adjust to our feedback style and provide support.

If you are interested in this position send an email to typehouse(at) typehousemagazine(dot)com. Include information on your experience with creative writing, publications, writer’s groups, schooling, etc., and whether the time and reading period commitment required will work for you