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Typehouse Issue 14



Fiction by:
William R. Eakin, Mike Riess, Laura Green, Mike Zimmerman, Jono Naito, Hege Anita Jakobsen Lepri, Sharon Frame Gay, Michael S. Garcia-Juelle, Maria Valenzuela Frangakis and Louis J. Fagan.

Nonfiction by:
Audra Coleman, Andrew Miller and Robert W. Henway.

Poetry by:
Devorie Kreiman, S.R. Aichinger, Eden Bailie, Charlotte Covey, Gustavo Hernandez, Emma Johnson-Rivard, Jenna Lyles, Ben Kline and Sarah Freligh.

Artwork by:
Jiwoong Yang, Dave Petraglia, R.E Hengsterman, Manit Chaotragoongit, Luna, Jury S. Judge and Julia Wang.

Weight .69 lbs
Dimensions 9 × .3 × 6 in