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Typehouse’s signature standard feedback!

For several years Typehouse editors have been providing feedback on prose and poetry submissions submitted to the magazine through the feedback option. While each genre has different guidelines, once submitted a feedback editor will provide thoughtful feedback on several aspects of the piece, depending on how it is written. All submissions received through this option will also be considered for for publication.

Submissions must follow our standard guidelines, plus the feedback guidelines below.

  • All genres and forms are welcome.
  • Submissions must be in English, but are welcome from all over the world
  • For prose feedback you may submit one piece of up to 5,100 words
  • For poetry feedback you may submit one or two poems
  • All feedback will contain two meaty paragraphs containing specific examples of what worked, as well as actionable suggestions on how to make the piece(s) stronger.
  • Feedback editor will be assigned by the team, and will remain anonymous
  • Works that have received feedback through this process and been revised may, with prior approval, be submitted again after two month as either a general or a feedback submission.
  • Cost is $16.95
  • Pieces that have been accepted for publication before receiving feedback will not be refunded
  • Works that contains racist, sexist, ableist, misogynistic, queer/homophobic, transphobic, or ableist language or content will be rejected without feedback and without a refund

Some of the responses we have received on our feedback!

“Thank you very much for your feedback! I am so appreciative of your thoughtful reading and consideration of (piece).  The insights you have provided about how I might revise the work are just great—very, very concrete and therefore, they seem doable.  A gift. Thank you for your comments. It was a pleasure to read your response—it makes me feel motivated to revise!”

“Thank you for the fulsome commentary on the poems requested. Writing poems is a solitary affair and we release our work to the wind not knowing how they are received, and sometimes not caring. As a writer, I think my work complete and comprehensible to a wider audience than the one who wrote them. After reading your commentary I realized I need to dig a bit deeper and to unify the sense to make my intent plain.”

“I am keen to revise the piece based on your clear and perceptive feedback. I appreciate that you noted strengths as well as shortcomings, and encouraged by your enthusiasm. (This piece) was my first attempt at flash fiction, but armed with your excellent insight, I plan to flesh the story out to full length.”

“I just wanted to write a quick and heartfelt thank you to whatever reviewer was so utterly thorough in their/her/his feedback. This was incredibly helpful and I’ve already been able to implement some of the suggestions. Thank you!!”

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