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Issue 20 is coming!

    Would you like to see the contributors? Of course you would! How about a cover peek? (Order is the order accepted, not the order in the magazine, we haven’t figured that out yet! (But we are working on it)

    William Crawford
    Gary Bloom
    Allison Brice
    Avra Margariti
    Leanne Howard
    Ifeanyi Ekpunobi
    Peter O’Donovan
    James Miller
    David Romanda

    Virginia Elizabeth Hayes
    Michael Berton
    Fabio Lastrucci
    Tyrel Kessinger
    Kristin Fouquet
    Erin Yuan
    Keith Cork
    Emily Behnke
    Jaq Evans

    Deirdre Danklin
    Kyle Heger
    Blair Benjamin
    Dawn Macdonald
    Lee Melling
    Christine- Sloan-Stoddard
    Nathaniel Sverlow
    Jim Still-Pepper
    Danielle Keiko Eyer

    Cristina Querrer
    Jessi Fuller
    Mounia Tamazight
    Anesu Jahura
    Finnegan Shepard
    Benjamin Parzybok
    Elana Gomel
    Soraya Qahwaji
    Rochelle Shapiro

    Jackson Nash
    Shadab Zeest Hashmi
    Suzanne S. Rancourt
    Mack Mani
    Shawn R. Jones
    Betsy Martin
    Roger Camp
    Robert Manaster
    David Bassano

    Wendy Thompson Taiwo
    Mary Soon Lee
    Sandra Kolankiewicz
    De’areyes Bryant
    Claudia Spiridon
    Alexandre Nodopaka 
    Christine Fair
    Martins Deep

    Excited? We are!

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