Issue 22 is live!

You can download and order it here!


Fiction by:
Ryan Doskocil, Sara Herchenroether, Jessica Evans, Esem Junior, Brittany J. Smith, Wendy Elizabeth Wallace, Christopher Barker, Naira Wilson, David Evan Krebs, Nathan Alling Long, Preeti Vangani, and Michael Williamson.

Creative Nonfiction by:
Alessandra Davy-Falconi, Amy Whiting, and Kimberly Moore.

Poetry by:
Anthony DiPietr, Leanne Drapeau, Julie Allyn Johnson, Molly Williams, Khushi Daryan, Maria Ceferatti, Joanna Cleary, Nate Maxson, C. J. Trotter, and Danielle Fleming.

Visual Art by:
E.E. King, Mark Lee Webb, Megan Denese Mealor, Denny E. Marshall, Joanne Bolling, and Jim Ross.

(Note: For this issue we are using Blurb, but it might shift in a couple of months. All that will mean for you is the link to order might change – all issues will remain the same!)


Typehouse is undergoing some exciting changes, but that means we are closing to all written submissions until some point in June 2021 to allow us to put them into place. All submissions currently under consideration will receive a response, and Issue 22 will be out in June. Keep an eye out for when we start our announcements!