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Volume 6, No. 3, Issue 18


Contest Winners:
P. Jo Anne Burgh, Kimm Brockett Stammen and Alan Sincic.

Fiction by:
Pamela Stutch, Lauren Schaumburg, Stacy A. Penner, Charissa Weaks, Jenny Stalter, Elka Scott, Jim Ryan, Eli Ryder, Ilene Dube and Ellen Rhudy.

Creative Nonfiction by:
Khalil AbuSharekh and Cayce Osborne.

Poetry by :
Cathy Tenzo, Liz Adair, Daun Daemon, Siân Killingsworth, Donald Mitchell, Ken Craft, Robert Beveridge, Kristy Bowen, DS Maolalai and Lee Potts.

Visual Art by:
Jing Kong, Fabio Lastrucci, Diego Luis, Fabrice Poussin, William C. Crawford and Bill Wolak.

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