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Typehouse Issue 24



Contest Winners:
Philip Walker, Sheila Mulrooney, and Emily Jon Tobias.

Fiction by:
Margery Bayne, Shannon Lawrence, KC Grifant, Kris Faatz, and Soon Jones.

Creative Nonfiction by:
Laramie Wyoming, Max King Cap, Leslie Stonebraker, and Kim Horner.

Poetry by:
Jennifer Bisbing, Traci McMickle, Asnia Asim, Derek Otsuji, Susannah Sheffer, Kathleen Stancik, Jeff William Acosta, and Karen Luke Jackson.

Visual Art by:
Denny Marshall, Steve Patterson, Pat Tompkins, Despy Boutris, and Roger Camp.

Weight .55 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × .33 in