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    Volume 8, No. 1, Issue 21, #BlackLivesMatter

    Typehouse Cover 21


    Fiction by:
    Sudha Balagopal, Nikita Andester, Chip Howard, V.L. Seltsam, Kate Lechler, Sam Heyman, Zachary Kellian, Pernille AEgidius Dake, Jackie Bee, Abby Rose Manis, and Ian O’Leary.

    Creative Nonfiction by:
    Claudia Wair and John Backman.

    Poetry by:
    Claire Scott, Martha Darr, Magdalena Gómez, Lane Fields, Rick Swann, Peter Grandbois, Lorrie Ness, Mischelle Anthony, Sonia Beauchamp, and Rodd Whelpley

    Visual Art by:
    Jayne Marek, Lorin Lee Cary, Gaby Bedetti, and Jennifer Weigel.

    Shipping the second week of January 2021

    Preorder Here!

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