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Before “A Fireball for Edgar”

    Brandon Jenkins

    While reflecting on this past year, the first year I actually started submitting my stories to publications, I began pondering why I’m a writer and why I chose to write about the things I write about. I found myself reminiscing about the first story I ever wrote a long time ago.

    Writing is Gross

      Ruy Arango

      A lot of people think writing is great, that it’s cool and sexy, that there’s something really special about it, something artistic. Those people are wrong. Writing is gross.

      How I Accomplish “Pride, Excellence & Beauty”

        Carolyn McMurry

        Scrolling on Instagram can make you feel obsolete about your skills. I know I did, but I also knew I wasn’t so much obsolete as I was on a different level artistically. I mean, I have a lot to do, I have a family to take care of, school, work; so drawing wasn’t exactly my first priority.