Call for Submissions

We are looking for submissions of poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction and visual art. Writing that grabs us conveys a unique perspective and honest insight into our world. We are especially interested in underrepresented voices of all kinds, and we want to see submissions from writers and artists of all races, sexualities, nationalities, religions, and genders, as well as disabled and neurodivergent creators. Genre fiction submissions are welcome, particularly speculative fiction. We are all writers and artists, so simultaneous submission are encouraged, but please let us know immediately if it has been accepted elsewhere. Previously published work will not be considered, and this includes work published on social media and personal websites. If it available publicly online, that means it is published. Once you have received a response to a submission, please wait two months before sending us a new work. Submitting is free, but please consider tossing a couple of dollars in the feedback option – you’ll receive personalized feedback on your submission! We are closed to regular submissions during the months of January, May, and September as we put together the new issue, although feedback and visual arts submissions will remain open.


  • We are closing to regular submissions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction as of July 11th
  • Black creatives can send regular submissions through July 25th
  • All works submitted before these dates will be reviewed, no one will rejected because they were not reviewed by the closure date
  • Feedback and visual arts submissions will remain open
  • We are also looking for a Black creative to submit artwork for the cover
  • We will remain closed to regular submissions at least through September first. Issue 20 comes out that month, and we will evaluate at that time what date we will open to regular submissions.


1.) Due to the uncertainty of when things will return to a normal schedule, we will be publishing May’s issue combined with September’s in a special jumbo 20th issue coming the beginning of September!!

2.) We will have a section in issue 20 dedicated to amplifying Black voices. Your work doesn’t have to be about current events or politics (although they can be if that is what you want). Just be a Black author or artist, creating what you love. #blacklivesmatter

3.) We are not accepting COVID-19 fiction or poetic works. The situation is too fluid, and changing by the day. We will however consider nonfiction pieces on a VERY limited basis, and they have to be intersectional to be considered.

Prose Submissions:

There is no minimum number of words, although we most frequently publish fiction and non-fiction between 500-5,000 words. We accept up to three prose submissions per author as long as the total number of words is less than 7,500. All genres and subjects are welcomed and encouraged.

Save submissions as either .doc or .rtf format, and include your contact information and the work’s title and word count in the document.

Poetry Submissions:

Up to six poems are accepted per submission, and all forms and subjects are encouraged. Save submissions as either .doc or .rtf format, and be sure to include your contact information and the title(s) in the document.

Visual Arts Submissions:

We would like to see artwork and photography in all media and of subjects. Up to six visual arts submissions are accepted at once, and can either be thumbnails or full size images. You can also include a document (in .doc or .rtf format) with a write-up of your work.


Typehouse is published in both PDF and print form. We are slowly working our way up to paying professional rates, with contributors paid $10 for issue 15, and $15 for Issues 16-19. For Issue 20 we will be paying $18 a submitter. Payment is within 30 days of publication, and we take first publication rights exclusively for six months, with non-exclusive archival rights thereafter. All other rights revert to the author upon publication, although if the piece is reprinted, please be sure to acknowledge Typehouse Literary Magazine as its first publication. Typehouse is published tri-annually in January, May, and September.

We are now accepting submissions exclusively through Submittable. Click on the link below to submit.

If you would like to help support Typehouse, and our goal to pay our authors, please feel free to drop a few coins in the tip jar!