Val Gryphin


Val lives and works in the Pacific Northwest where she writes and works on her plans for world domination. She enjoys reading submissions of all types, and the variety of pieces she reviews always keeps her on her toes. You can visit her at


T. E. Wilderson

Senior Prose Editor

T. E. Wilderson is a New Orleans-born, Midwestern writer. Wilderson’s work has appeared in The Opiate magazine, The Ekphrastic Review, The Roanoke Review, The Louisville Review, and Crack the Spine. Wilderson has just completed a novel and is at work on a short story collection. You can follow her at @MizGolightly.


Yukyan Lam

Senior Prose Editor

Yukyan is based in New York, NY, but is thrilled to have a literary connection to the Pacific Northwest. She loves reading and writing all forms of prose, particularly creative non-fiction and short stories. Like most of her favorite writers, she believes that the boundaries between literary and genre fiction are (largely) rubbish. She funds her creative impulses by working for a non-profit on environmental health and social justice. Follow her @yukyan_etc.


Kristine Oakhurst

Senior Prose Editor

Four states ago, Kristine resided in Portland, OR. Presently, her home is in Florida where she strives to meet her five daily R’s: Riding (horses), running, (w)riting, reading, and relaxing. And cats.


Lily Blackburn

Senior Prose Editor

Lily Blackburn is originally from the rural mountains of Humboldt County, CA but moved to Portland in 2013 to study writing, literature and to see as much live music as humanly possible. She enjoys writing various forms of short prose, with an emphasis in creative non-fiction.


Gabe Seals

Senior Poetry Editor

Gabriel Seals lives in Nashville, TN, and received his MA in English from Belmont University. He is the 2016 recipient of the Sandra Hutchins Humanities Symposium Writing Award in Poetry. His poetry has appeared in or is forthcoming from BOAATFrontier Poetry, Rockvale Review,The Tennessee Magazine, and the anthologies 20/20 Focus on Scotland: A Poetic Response to Photography and Backyards & Boulevards: Words from the Neighborhoods of Nashville. He has received retreat scholarships from Sundress Academy for the Arts.

David Midkiff

Senior Poetry Editor

David Midkiff is a poet, educator, and freelance writer who finds himself living abroad in London for the near future.  When he is not writing, David is usually teaching high school students, experimenting with a new ingredient in his cooking, exploring a new city with his partner, or doing something active outdoors.  David’s poetry has appeared in “Windowcat” by bighugpublishing and “Resistentialism” by Poetastard Press.  He published his first chapbook “EdotGdot (The Way I Would Have Said it the Second Time)” in 2016.  His forthcoming collection is entitled “Dead Metaphors”.


John Koch

Senior Visual Arts Editor

John is from Portland, OR and joined The People’s Ink as a creative writer. Since then, he has become increasingly active as a photographer. He writes editorials for Underdogs, a quarterly photography magazine, and is currently the Town Historian for the town of Hardman, OR, a position which involves producing photographic portraits of the town’s approximately 30 residents. He shares his photography online at


Kameron Ray Morton

Associate Prose Editor

Kameron Ray Morton is a student about to transition from undergrad to grad. Their fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Carbon Culture Review and FLARE: The Flagler Review, among others. They currently intern for the podcast I’m Afraid to Ask and moonlight as a Disney Vacation Planner. They feel pressured to drink less coffee, but find their best ideas emerge from a caffeine-induced high. Follow them on Instagram @tallsoyflatwhite.


Brandon Cole

Associate Prose Editor

Brandon Grammer earned his BFA in creative writing from the University of Missouri and has been an aspiring self-fulfilling prophecy ever since. He has worked previously for The Missouri Review and is a member of the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writers Guild. When not water-witching throughout flyover country, he enjoys entertaining a small readership with off the cuff prompt responses, which can be found at


Julie Borden

Associate Prose Editor

Originally from Clay, AL, Julie Borden has been inching her way north since 2009. She currently lives in Roanoke, VA, where she earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Hollins University. She still can’t get enough of Appalachian sunsets and suspects she never will. Julie is on a life-long quest to find the perfect pun.


Kathryn Duncan

Associate Prose Editor

A native Chicagoan, Kathryn Duncan bridges the divide between the cold steel of the city with the warmth of the familial — a longing for the comforts of home, hearth, and family. Infused with and influenced by friends and family, Kathryn’s writing invites readers into the heart and soul of her own story while examining the themes that unite us all.


Jiwon Choi

Associate Poetry Editor

Jiwon Choi is a poet, teacher and urban gardener.  She teaches preschool at the Educational Alliance, a multi-generation non-profit located on the Lower East Side of NYC. She is also a long-time urban gardener and membership coordinator for the Pacific Street Brooklyn Bear’s Community Garden located near Downtown Brooklyn. Her first book of poems, One Daughter is Worth Ten Sons, was published by Hanging Loose Press in 2017.  She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Alan Perry

Associate Poetry Editor

Alan Perry is a Minnesota native who received his BA in English from the University of Minnesota. His poetry has appeared in Heron TreeGyroscope ReviewSleet MagazineMuddy River Poetry ReviewRiddled with Arrows, and elsewhere, and will be included in an upcoming anthology. He and his wife divide their time between a suburb of Minneapolis, MN and Tucson, AZ.