Val Gryphin


Val lives and works in the Pacific Northwest where she writes and works on her plans for world domination. She enjoys reading submissions of all types, and the variety of pieces she reviews always keeps her on her toes. You can visit her at

Lindsay Fowler

Fiction Editor

Like so many others, Lindsay Fowler has recently been uprooted and transplanted to the Pacific Northwest.  While she waits for her new roots to take, she writes, reads, and cultivates her love of all things weird.  See what else she’s up to at

Lilly Blackburn

Non-Fiction Editor

Lilly Blackburn is originally from the rural mountains of Humboldt County, CA but moved to Portland in 2013 to study writing, literature and to see as much live music as humanly possible. She enjoys writing various forms of short prose, with an emphasis in creative non-fiction.


David Midkiff

Poetry Editor

David is a long-time Portland resident with a love for writing, poetry, cooking, philosophy, nature, bicycling, and a host of other eccentricities.  There are few things he won’t read, but David serves as the poetry editor for this publication.  In his own writing, David currently focuses on poetry as well.

John Koch

Visual Arts Editor

John is from Portland, OR and joined The People’s Ink as a creative writer. Since then, he has become increasingly active as a photographer. He writes editorials for Underdogs, a quarterly photography magazine, and is currently the Town Historian for the town of Hardman, OR, a position which involves producing photographic portraits of the town’s approximately 30 residents. He shares his photography online at

Jackson Berkley

Poetry Editor

Jackson Berkley is a writer and sometime-filmmaker living in Portland, OR. Check out his blog, films, and other work at