Updates to our site!

As you can see, we have made quite a few changes to our site. First and foremost we now have our own store! That’s right, you can order the current issue, back issues, a subscription or even all four of our issues in print! It is secure and you can pay directly with PayPal. Another lovely bit of news is that we are now available at Powell’s Books in Portland, OR! We are super excited, and hope you look for us when you are there.

Our logo has changed as well, evolving as our magazine is evolving. We also have our blog now, and will be updating it regularly with writing news, essays from our contributors and posts from our editors. We have a newsletter starting up too, and you can sign up right on the sidebar. Overall we are really looking forward for this step for Typehouse, and hope you enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “Updates to our site!”

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